I have extensive experience in roleplay and conference work.  I worked for two years for the Customs and Excise, playing different characters for their Pensions Department and for the Counter Benefit Fraud Department.


Current roleplaying includes working for Nottingham Trent University on their Staff Development programme and Mediation Skills.


I am also part of a three person team who provide communication skills courses organised by pharmaceutical companies for Consultants and medical staff. My role specifically being the use of voice, inflection, pace, tone etc.


I have also hosted a 2 day conference for the medical company Schering Plough in Budapest for their 350 medical representatives and have worked at other similar conferences.


                            CLIENTS INCLUDE


                          CUSTOMS + EXCISE


                          UCB PHARMA

                          WARNER LAMBERT

                          SCHERING PLOUGH


                          NOTTINGHAM TRENT UNIVERSITY